Deep Learning Utilized in Home Cleaning Automation

According to Fortino, an inclusive attitude is the key to assuring community growth.

    PORTLAND, OR, October 24, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Thanks to Deep Learning technology, autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners are not utopian anymore. They are rapidly growing in popularity, and today, they can be found in most homes. Improved efficiency and UV sterilization are the top two features present in most models. However, the automatic cleaners industry focuses mostly on solving the so-called “Travelling Salesman Problem” while the Information Technology (IT) and home automation industry go much further with recent Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments.

Deep Learning and AI systems are fast becoming embedded into most of today’s home Automation systems. That’s what Company CEO, Fortino Barajas[1] had in mind once he decided to commit company resources into research that could lead into a new generation of improved cleaning products and tools that perform more than just simple cleaning. His drive to keep Maids by Trade as a leading company started with his collaboration with Green Seal, by creating a National Standard for the house cleaning industry to used by companies across the U.S., and now pushing the company to become more innovative by implementing AI technology.

Deep Learning, Open Source by Google

The prototype built utilizes TensorFlow, an Open Source Project developed by Google Brain Team, maps your entire home including the objects and cleans every inch of your floor. Based on tests conducted, it improves efficiency by up to 80%. Incorporating AI into robotic vacuum cleaners allowing true autonomous operation is a result achieved in collaboration with computer scientist, Stefan Certic and the company’s CEO.

According to Fortino, an inclusive attitude is the key to assuring community growth, this clearly shows his commitment to make a change; now it’s up to Maids by Trade’s[2] board to decide if the company is going to launch its own line of new cleaning products, and distribute it through its franchisor Purple Forte[3], the company responsible for selling house cleaning franchises for Maids by Trade; Whatever the approach is taken, TensorFlow powered cleaning products and tools affirms company commitment to the implementation of new technologies, along with robust automation to stay innovative and to offer better service to clients.

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